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        Dripping Candles and Designs was created in 2020 out of my love for candles and my desire to share candles that smell absolutely amazing and most importantly that are eco-friendly. Our wood wick candles are made with fragrances that are eco-friendly, none of them containing prop 65. Candles have always been a significant component of my daily life. They change the mood of a room with inviting fragrances of cinnamon, or have been agents of relaxation with smells of lavender, or creating warmth and feelings of coziness to spaces.


    For far too long the responsibility of being eco-friendly and environmentally conscious has fallen onto the consumer instead of manufacturers. I want to be a brand that is affordable. But more importantly, a company that has taken ownership over ensuring our goods and the manufacturing process of our goods is environmentally conscious. I want to share my love for candles while ensuring every step of my process is filled with mindfulness and a sense of agency to be environmentally conscious. Our candles are made with love, something so essential to providing a safe future to come for generations. 

Chelle Franklin, owner


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