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Bold, Musk, Spice&
Earthy Scents

Dirty Panties

Bold current with a touch of Jasmine..The best dirty panties that you’ve ever smelt!

The Morning After

Coffee & Hazelnut

Cin With A Spin

Cinnamon & Vanilla

Purple Passion

Soft smell and floral smell with a hint of grape,amber and vanilla base.  A light musk. 

Mysterious Island

Perfect Earthy & Woody Fragrance. It's Masculine, Bold, Amber & Spice. 

Hidden Treasure

Musk And Amber Fragrance. 


The smell of a fresh mahogany tree and shea.

Cin City

Cinnamon, Cinnamon and more Cinnamon.

Its a Jungle

Take me to the rain forest!  Smell the Jungle within this candle.

Good Luck

Sweet and Sassy with a touch of Amber and dark musk.  A way to put a little good luck in the universe.


Sandalwood & Rose! 

Trim The Bush

It’s simple!  It’s just grass!

Open Me Up

A blend of Eucalyptus, Mint & Camphor. An excellent fragrance to awaken your sinuses!!

Sage You Love Me

The smell of a fresh Rosemary & Sage combined

Perch On My Birch

Eucalyptus, Mint & Pine 


No fragrance. Just a plain unscented candle that is still perfect and beautiful to set any mood.  

Always remember No is a word and should be used often to protect your PEACE!


A bold fragrance with dashes of nutmeg, ginger, and eucalyptus.
It smells like black licorice.  


Bold & Strong

Blackberries and Currants.


Hemp, Hemp, Hemp.

Spank Me

Smell the honey with a little bit of spice!! Irresistible.

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