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These mini candles are part of our Dripping and Design Candles collection. These candles are designed to accompany any space and add to any existing decor. Our candles have an effortless and timeless design, and smell absolute irresistible. Mini but Mighty!

Mini Candles

  • For best results and Candle Safety:

    Place your Candle in an area that there is no draft and wind. Make sure the candle is placed in a safe place free from the reach of children and flammable items.

    The wick is pre trimmed for burning.

    If your flame is till too high, cut the wick down again! The wick should be approx. 1/4 inch before lighting your candle!

    Be smart with lighting and snuffing out your candle. We recommend you using proper tools!


    🔥Stay Lit!🔥

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